Leadership and Player Development Combine

​​The focus of Game Changers’ Leadership and Player Development Combine is for high school athletes to hear (first-hand) about a variety of topics that add to their life as they transition through high school and beyond.

The Leadership Combine is framed through the LENS OF SPORTS!  The event is a full day of seminars, open dialogue, lunch, and breakout sessions discussing important character values:

  • Financial Literacy
  • Social/Emotional Intelligence
  • Recruiting and Academic Standards
  • Health and Mental Fitness
  • Social Media Etiquette
  • Police Relations
  • College/Employer Interview

This is a day of immersion. We take high school athletes out of their typical environment to aid in the conversation of becoming a responsible student, regardless of their aspirations, in order to continue athletics at the high school, collegiate or professional level.

*Pictures are from an all-male event, but we offer co-ed and women events, as well.